Ateb Canada’s Pharmacy-Based Patient Care Solutions

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As the industry’s leader in pharmacy-based patient care solutions, Ateb Canada provides pharmacies the tools to deliver enhanced patient services and drive healthier patient outcomes, while increasing their revenue opportunities.

Jana Bennett, RPh, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies #306 & #708

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Ateb Canada is now a part of Omnicell: Dedicated to Medication Adherence.

Inspired by care, Omnicell offers our pharmacy partners an innovative suite of solutions to increase patient engagement and improve medication adherence, enabling differentiation in the value-based outcomes healthcare continuum.

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Using Ateb Canada’s pharmacy-based patient care solutions, pharmacies are transforming their practices to an Appointment Based Model (ABM), moving the focus from a prescription transaction to patient interventions, growing prescription volume, expanding paid service offerings, acquiring new patients, and improving quality measure performance, resulting in increasing prescription fills. By increasing patient engagement, Ateb’s pharmacy partners can;

thumbs up  Reinforce positive patient behaviors

hedis scores icon  Improve medication adherence and persistence

reduce costs icon  Reduce overall healthcare costs

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Pharmacies working with Ateb Canada gain a strategic partner and a decisive, competitive advantage. Ateb Canada’s differentiation as a strategic partner lies in its powerhouse of pharmacy operations, technology, analytics, data integration, and clinical expertise.


Pharmacists, often the most visible and accessible members of the healthcare team, can now use this important data to actively and consistently participate in comprehensive health management of their patients.


Ateb Canada’s Solutions Help You Achieve Your Goals

Pharmacies face challenges on a daily basis. Ateb Canada offers solutions to assist pharmacies in reaching their goals and initiatives, while improving overall patient health outcomes.

  • Increase Script Growth – Drive script growth by increasing prescription refills on existing prescriptions, improve medication adherence, and increase revenue.
  • Improve Adherence – Attain superior adherence levels for diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol, and witness significant improvements in adherence in all other disease states.
  • Expand Patient Care Services – Ateb Canada’s solutions create more efficient pharmacy operations which frees up time for pharmacy to offer additional patient engagement opportunities and expand their business through; Immunization programs, Medication Review/Check Program, Chronic Care Management, and Point-of-Care Testing.
  • Additional benefits include;

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Ateb Canada’s Solutions

Medication Synchronization – Time My Meds®

Patient Communications


Chronic Care Management Programs

Transitional Care

Population Health Management

Point-of-Care Testing

Pharmacy Workflow


Tim Wright, PharmD, BCACP, Wagner Pharmacy

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The combination of patient accessibility, big data and predictive analytics uniquely positions community pharmacies and their pharmacists to be key players for providing affordable, effective health care to patients.

—Frank Sheppard, President & CEO