Ateb Canada improves medication adherence levels and overall patient health while reducing unnecessary ER visits and hospital readmissions.

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Ateb Canada partners with Health Plans to proactively intervene with members using proven solutions. By improving your members’ adherence and individual health outcomes, we reduce your plan’s overall healthcare costs.

Ateb Canada is now a part of Omnicell: Dedicated to Medication Adherence.

Inspired by care, Omnicell offers our pharmacy partners an innovative suite of solutions to increase patient engagement and improve medication adherence, enabling differentiation in the value-based outcomes healthcare continuum.

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Ateb Canada’s industry leading pharmacy-based patient care solutions offer direct connectivity to pharmacy management systems, allowing bidirectional data flow, which in turn enables comprehensive care for your members. Ateb Canada’s solutions empower pharmacies to sync patient medications, close gaps in care, provide comprehensive medication reviews, deliver targeted chronic disease care programs, manage transitions of care, increase immunization, offer point of care testing and health coaching programs.


Partner with Ateb Canada and improve patient health outcomes for your members.

star icon Improve medication adherence levels

hedis scores icon Close Gaps in Care

gaps in care icon Reduce ER visits and Hospital Readmissions

reduce costs icon Reduce Overall Health Plan Costs



Through collaboration with our pharmacy partners, Ateb Canada is engaging your members to improve overall patient communication and care coordination.

Time My Meds® Medication Synchronization

Prescription Medicine spilling out of Prescription Bottle onto the Page of a CalendarAteb Canada’s Time My Meds automated medication synchronization solution, powered by Ateb’s online portal for ease of use, provides significant, measurable impact on improving medication adherence. This solution is the leading driver of pharmacy’s appointment based model in the market today that keeps patients on their medication regimen and offers a pharmacist consultation on an ongoing regular basis.


Population Health Management

Population Health Management focuses on identifying high-risk patients and proactively modifying factors that cause their illness, rather than waiting for the patient to become increasingly ill. Pharmacies that have successfully adopted the appointment based model enjoy a distinct advantage when managing patient populations using Ateb Canada’s platform to treat patients based upon their required interventions.


Medication Reviews

PharmacistPharmacies can identify Medication Review opportunities and manage cases via Ateb Canada’s Patient Management Access Portal (PMAP), a single platform for managing patient interventions. This platform offers pharmacies the ability to leverage Medication Review opportunities and allows pharmacies to effectively identify, track, and administer Medication Reviews, creating a positive impact on medication compliance. The ongoing face-to-face medication management allows pharmacies to increase patient engagement and improve overall patient care.


Chronic Care Management Programs

tape measure wrapped around fruits isolated on white backgroundAteb Canada offers disease management programs to help the pharmacy engage the patient in healthy living (weight management, tobacco cessation), improve adherence, and reduce plan costs by managing health conditions such as, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Targeting these conditions helps patients achieve better overall health and closes gaps in care.


Transitional Care Solution

New Modern Hospital Outpatient Surgery CenterAteb Canada’s Transitional Care Solution affords hospitals and pharmacies the connectivity needed to coordinate care and work cooperatively to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home. Ateb Canada is innovatively disrupting the “revolving door” by partnering with hospitals and reducing healthcare costs by coordinating the efforts of community hospitals and pharmacies to prevent 30-day hospital readmissions.