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Frank Sheppard, President & CEO, Ateb Canada

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Ateb Canada is now a part of Omnicell: Dedicated to Medication Adherence.

Inspired by care, Omnicell offers our pharmacy partners an innovative suite of solutions to increase patient engagement and improve medication adherence, enabling differentiation in the value-based outcomes healthcare continuum.

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Founded in 1992, Ateb Canada is the industry’s leading provider of pharmacy-based patient care solutions and the medication synchronization solutions leader to independent and chain pharmacies.

It’s the bridge that connects patients, pharmacies, and payers to drive healthy patient outcomes.

Ateb Canada’s innovative patient engagement solutions enable pharmacists to provide a higher standard of affordable patient care. Pharmacists are ideally positioned to counsel patients to ensure patients take their prescribed medications and help patients understand the importance their medications have on their health.

Pharmacies are reshaping the healthcare industry.

Utilizing big data and predictive analytics, Ateb Canada’s measurable solutions empower pharmacies to provide value-based health care and;

  • Drive patient engagement
  • Improve medication adherence levels
  • Reinforce positive patient behaviors
  • Support Hospital Readmissions Reduction Programs

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With Ateb Canada’s pharmacy-based patient care solutions, pharmacies, health plans, hospitals and health systems ALL benefit through:

  • Active participation in patient care coordination
  • Improved medication compliance
  • Healthier patient outcomes
  • Reduced healthcare costs

Ken Monroe, Pharmacist, Director of Centralized Professional Services, Ateb Canada

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Ateb’s intuitive platform enables our partners to transform to an appointment based model to improve patient medication adherence and the overall quality of patient care to benefit patients, pharmacies, and payers. We strongly believe that reducing healthcare costs through improved patient engagement and medication adherence is the answer to realizing true savings in the new healthcare ecosystem.

—Frank Sheppard, President and CEO of Ateb.


Ateb Canada’s talented leadership team represents a depth of experience in working with health plans, health systems, and healthcare providers.

By successfully integrating pharmacists, clinical, and analytics members into a team that can leverage their rich background in developing, deploying, integrating, and understanding the goals of pharmacies, health plans, and hospitals, Ateb Canada’s leadership team is well equipped to address the needs of its partners.

Ateb Canada is proud of the visionary spirit that continues to lead the evolution of its intuitive solutions to empower pharmacy, health plan, and health system partners.

Receiving accolades from acclaimed media publications, such as, the “Fast 50” from Triangle Business Journal, 2010, is a testament to its successful business performance and driving measurable results for its partners. Ateb Canada’s leadership and expertise is truly making a difference in the healthcare industry today.

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Frank Sheppard, President and CEO

Mr. Sheppard is one of the founders of Ateb and has been with the company since its inception in 1992. During his tenure, he has led the growth of the healthcare technology company, including 20 percent year over year growth for the past three years.

Under his leadership, the Ateb Team is developing solutions that enable its pharmacy partners to transform to an appointment based model to improve patient medication adherence and the overall quality of patient care to benefit patients, pharmacies, and the payers.


Debbie Sheppard, V.P. Sales and Marketing

Since joining Ateb in 1995, Ms. Sheppard has built a talented sales and marketing team that allowed Ateb to expand their solutions into the pharmacy and healthcare sector. Ms. Sheppard has led Ateb’s solution oriented sales approach to help community pharmacy meet their challenges and grow their business.



Paul Sutton, Director of Sales and Business Development

A seasoned veteran in the technology industry, Mr. Sutton brings over eleven years of sales and business development experience in the pharmacy sector.
With the company’s expansion into the Canadian marketplace, Mr. Sutton now oversees the Sales, Operational and Support Teams for Ateb Canada.

A Canadian resident, Mr. Sutton leads the sales efforts to develop partnerships with several leading national buying groups and wholesalers, as well as pharmacy technology companies. His extensive knowledge and experience continues to drive sales and open more distribution channels.


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Tim Waddell, Director of Development, Support, and Operations

Mr. Waddell leads the operational, support, and development activities for Ateb Canada. Mr. Waddell is an information technology and project management professional with fifteen years of leadership experience in product management and delivery, business analysis, software development, technical support, and customer service. A Canadian resident, he worked extensively within Canada’s healthcare sector, leading the development, implementation, and support of a wide range of business and technology solutions for hospitals, physician offices, and pharmacy.


Eric Thomas, Chief Financial Officer

A twenty year veteran, Mr. Thomas is responsible for all aspects of the company’s financial activities including; accounting, financial planning and analysis, business intelligence, taxation, audit, treasury, risk management and real estate.  Mr. Thomas has extensive experience with high growth companies and the financial requirements needed to ensure ongoing success.


John Coler, RPh, Shrivers Pharmacy

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